Create Something Life-Changing Together!

Danna Hogan is a life-style blogger who is known for her love of food, wine, and hosting great parties. She loves connecting her local audience with locally-owned small businesses.

Danna knows what it's like to be a busy professional with a busy schedule and the importance of taking time to kindle connections with her family and friends. She wants to help other busy professionals find easy ways to enjoy food through meal prep and trying new recipes. Teaching them the basics of hosting their own party is another way she can help busy professionals make great memories with their loved ones.

Danna has held live events connecting her audience with local businesses. She is also working on creating some digital courses on cooking and hosting for those who need something more flexible.

If you would like to collaborate with Danna on a future project here are some ways she can assist:

  • Social Media Promotion
  • Feature Articles on blog
  • Facebook LIVE and Instagram LIVE Interview/ Promotion
  • Event Collaboration
  • Brand Partnership

For all questions or information on collaborations, please send to