Lamb Stack - Whiskey Cake
Lamb Stack - Whiskey Cake

Date:  Saturday 9/13/2014 --Dinner Service

Price Range: $$$

Rating:  4 lip smacks out of 5

Whiskey Cake is the restaurant located in front of Penn Square Mall, where the Elephant Bar used to be.  I remember when it was being built as I had wanted to go to the Elephant Bar to use my coupon, and those scoundrals had closed! I nearly drove off the road, rubber-necking to see what the heck was going in it's place.  After months of renovating the old building, Whisky Cake emerged, proud, confident, and ready to rake in the money.

I don't usually visit restauraunts when they first open as I like to let them get the kinks out first.  You know, give them time for the staff to get in sync and the chefs time to perfect the timing of the meals, and to hear feedback from patrons.

Saturday night, my boyfriend and I went and I must say I was VERY pleasantly surprised.  First off, this restaurant is categorized as a "Farm to Table" restaurant.  What this term means is they get all their meats and veggies from local farms.  They also bake their own breads and everything is fresh.  I want to support a restaurant like this!!!  Putting money back into our Oklahoma farms and getting fresh food is always the best way to eat!  This place has the feel of a rustic farm house.  Dimly-lit lanterns over each wood-plank table, cozy fires, rustic-fluffy couches and overstuffed chairs for waiting, and an open kitchen are just a few goodies for your enjoyment.

Sandwiches/ Burgers run around $10-$13 and main entrees run a bit more.

OK, let's talk drinks:  They have a full bar and a great brew list.  I had my favorite, Left-Hand Milk Stout. Amazing as always. They also have a variety of homemade cocktails, which I must try next time.

Appetizer:  We started off ordering the Deviled Eggs.  These bite-size treats were stuffed with your typical deviled egg yumminess, and topped with a bacon jam and grated fennel and other spices.   You get 5 of these bad boys, and they want to party in your mouth.

Dinner:  I ordered the Lamb Stack.  This is very similar to a gyro, but in sandwich form.  They load this sandwhich up with perfectly-cooked lamb, hummus, feta, onion, cucumber, and some other ingredients I cannot remember. They serve it in between perfectly baked pita bread.  This bread was light, and not greasy, like sometimes pita is when you get it at other restaurants.  This stacker was served with homemade kettle chips...which were crispy and light with just the right pinch of salt.

Dessert:  Made From Scratch dessert of the day: peach cobbler topped with homemade strawberry's and cream ice cream.  First off, NO ONE makes peach cobbler like my grandma.  But this has to be the best cobbler I have had other than hers.  Cinnamon and sugar danced magically with the soft peaches and light airy crust.  The homemade ice cream was sweetened with the strawberry's natural sweetness.  A-Ma-zing.

The only reason I gave this place 4 lip smacks out of 5 is that I could have used more chips.  Or, it would have been nice to have something other than chips as a side, like a cup of soup or a salad.

You can taste the difference in their food...fresh, homemade, locally grown. It wasn't over-powered with salt and sugar. I highly recommend going some special night and treating yourself or your date.  I wouldn't say that it's a place that children would like. May want to keep it teens and over.

Hope this review is helpful! Please let me know if it was. and let me know if you have been here and what you had!

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