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Randy's Smarty Party Rocks

Let's face it people: Tuesday is the second Monday of the week and there is nothing you can do to change that. Well, maybe one thing.

With the rest of the world slowly creeping out of their homes after the pandemic hit, people are finding that there are things to do other than binge that terrible new show on Hulu that you really don't care about. One of the fun things you can do here in OKC is hit up The Parlor for Tuesday night trivia with Randy!

Not only can you challenge your post-pandemic knowlege, but you can probably win some gift cards too! $25 per round and then a $50 for the pot! That's not bad for a Tuesday night! Randy keeps it fun, and he brings his own mic so you don't have to keep asking your neighbor what he said.

While you battle it out with other teams, you can enjoy some of the many amenities that the Parlor offers. The Parlor is a trendy food hall and bar. It has 6 different culinary concepts that makes the indecisive indulge. Enjoy a nice stroll on the covered patio while sipping on a smart cocktail from the bar. Put your order in at one of the kitchens for some tasty eats...just don't get your drool and greasy drippings on your trivia sheet. That's rude.

So, if the thought of another Netflix Original makes you cringe, grab some friends, your mask, your appetite, and your brain and get your booties over to the Parlor!! Trivia begins at 7:30 pm and ends around 9:30.

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