Paint N Cheers LLC

1614 N. Gatewood Ave, OKC

Plaza District


Looking for something different to do? I highly recommend checking out Paint N Cheers in the Plaza District. I am sure that most of you have heard about the different places around the OKC metro area that does painting classes where you can consume alcohol. This is along the same line. I have been to a couple of other events of this type, so I feel like I can tell you why I love this place:

  • They have their own studio where you can hold either a private party or just go and paint with a general class.
  • You bring what you want to drink. If you want to buy a few bottles of wine they have an area where you can keep it cold.
  • Clean and cute restrooms
  • The owners and instructors are very personable and friendly. You feel as if you are coming home to paint with your friends.
  • The instructors play fun and loud music that will get those creative strokes going. You can sing, dance, paint, and drink all at once. So it’s a constructive-drinking workout.
  • They have an awesome frequent-painter card that gets punched when you paint and after 5 visits you get your next session free.

For those of you who have never been to an event like this, let me give you a run-down of the last party:

My friend hosted a private birthday party at Paint N Cheers this past Sunday. So I arrived about 15 minutes early so I could find a seat and get set up. Upon entering, I was greeted by one of the owners who warmly welcomed me and showed me into the private party area. This was a room set off from the entrance and away from the main painting room. The private room was bright and cheerful, with the walls lined with all the various paintings that they offer classes for. This setting brought back the good ol' art school days back in San Francisco. Warm brick walls, industrial piping above, and the sweet smell of canvas and acrylic paints. It is an inspiring smell to me.

Private Party Painting Area
Private Party Painting Area

Once I had my seat picked out, I paid my fee of $30. Normally, its $35, but I have a Keep It Local Card, and Paint N Cheers has a special deal if you have one. The instructor brought me my set of brushes and I grabbed one of the “loved-on” aprons and put it on. There is a station set up to get your paint pallet set up. There will be an example set up to show you how much of each color you need for the painting. Once you grab your paint, you have everything you need. At your seat, the canvas, water cup for your brushes, and a paper towel for blotting is already set up and waiting your use.

As guests trickle in music is turned on at a low setting. Wine is poured by those who brought wine to sip on, and when everyone has arrived the instructor shows us the finished product of the painting we are working on and goes over a few tips. Don’t worry. You don’t have to have experience painting. The artist takes you through step-by-step on what to paint, with which brush, and what color, etc. By the first cup of wine, and the first song, you will be feeling like a natural! Breaks will be taken to let the paint dry, and within about 2 or so hours, you will have a painting that you can take home and hang on your wall. Here are pics from mine!


Got the Background Painted!
Got the Background Painted!
Mmm Guinness, Paint, and my Pallet.
Mmm Guinness, Paint, and my Pallet.
Finished Product!
Finished Product!

So as you can see, the outcome of my painting isn't something that would have gotten an "A" back in art school, but it's fun, and I had a great time doing it.  The people are great, the songs are awesome, and the memories you will create from this experience are priceless.

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