Spicy Summer Soiree

Date: Saturday, July 16th 2022

Location: The Olie Gathering Place

As the evening sun sank into the westward sky, couples entered the Olie, not quite knowing what to expect. Nervously, they peeped in, secretly hoping they were in the right spot. They were greeted with friendly faces, shown to tables, and invited to start filling their plates with all the taco goodness from Fuzzies Tacos. Wildhorse Canyon Farms had all the wines prepared and ready for pouring samples. Tonight was going to be a magical night and it was just beginning. Tacos and wine DO in fact go together.

At each table, guests had special take-home goodies: a Dannify souvenir glass, a wine and spicy food pairing cheat sheet, a sample-stuffed goody bag from Love Life with Terri, a foreplay tip sheet, and a Spicy Trivia score sheet. Each guest also received tickets for the door prize drawings.

While the guests munched on their savory tacos, I gave the intros and thank you's to our sponsors. Spunky and fun, Terri Byrns-Donahoo was our game leader. She jumped in and broke the ice, leading the guests in a game of Spicy Trivia. Categories were pop-culture, sports, and intimacy. 15 questions were asked and each couple was on a team. Heads shot up at some of the questions, faces were scrambled, laughs were heard, and everyone thought they had the right answers. The winner of the Date Night Package was a newly-wed couple who were amped about going home and using everything in that box.

Next up was Karla Docter, Embodiment Coach, Author + Speaker, and creator of EmpowerCon. She commanded the crowd with her fiesty yet comforting presence. Her game was the 3-minute game, which triggered conversation, communication, and consent between the couples. Each person could ask / receive something for 3 minutes that would bring them pleasure. Now, I know what you are thinking, but we kept the clothes on at this event. No naked twister. Examples of actions were back rubs, head scratches, hand massages, etc. Karla had a worksheet for the couples to take home and continue the game to help build trust and intimacy.

Last up was Paula Hamby, owner of OKC Date Planners. Paula likes to bring the fun, so she gave each couple their very own mini Jenga set. Getting the couples to create a keepsake to take home was the goal! Making a Spicy Jenga game was an activity meant to bring some spice into game night. She gave out markers and each guest had a list of 25 items to write on Jenga pieces. There were, of course, prompts. Wine continued to flow and laughter echoed through the space. Karla brought out the sopapilla cheesecake squares she made, which prompted more wine pairing.

Social hour consisted of more wine, and photography! Kayla Mix of Kayla Irene Photography had 2 different photo backdrops. Guests were feeling giddy and more relaxed, posing on the beautiful couch sponsored by Magnolia Rentals. Door Prizes included a gift cards for Bella Glam Boutique, 2 gift cards for Kayla Irene Photography, and a bottle of Wildhorse Canyon Farms wine. New friends were made, wine was bought, and tacos, salsa, and sopapilla cheesecake was consumed. Guests were happy and ready to take the party home. Overall, it was a highly successful night.

My whole intent for organizing this event was to give couples a stress-free, preplanned date night that would help add some zest to their relationship. I wanted to give them an environment to make some magical memories they could look back on with happiness. I also wanted to collaborate with local businesses to highlight their skills and specialties so the guests could support them in the future.

Here's what some of the guests had to say about the event:

"This event was a super fun way to learn how to connect with your partner and new ways to spice up your relationship! "

Alanah C.

"It was a great night out and spent great quality time with my spouse. Would definitely do it again."


"It’s a must go for couple to attend! "


I would love to give a special shout out to our event sponsors. Please, when planning or shopping, please support local businesses as they are the heart of our community.

In conclusion, this was a truly magical event for everyone involved. It was so nice to get to interact with all the guests and the vendors. The environment helped make this night amazing. The Olie Gathering Place was the perfect spot for us to host this event. The rustic beauty of the original building mixed with the modern finishes of the remodel made for a beautiful backdrop. The interior space was set up perfectly, but the patio provided more areas for the couples to congregate, interact, bond, take pictures and relax. If you haven't checked them out for an event, then that is a crime and you need to remedy that right now.

If you didn't get to make it to this event, there will be more events in the future! You won't want to miss the next opportunity to add zest and adventure to your life.

Until next time,


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