Sip N' Snuggle at Pollen Acres Farm

Saturday, June 11th, 2022 Pollen Acres Farm opened their gates to a Dannified Sip N' Snuggle. Pollen Acres Farm is located just southeast of downtown Oklahoma City, situated in a quiet, established neighborhood of large land properties. Just minutes off the main road, you feel as if you have been transported into the countryside.

Two large trees provided shelter from the sultry Oklahoma heat in which we could set up our canopies and arrange the benches. Baby goats squealed with excited chatter as we set up their future play area with the guests. Guests parked their cars and headed to the area we had situated for them.

Each guest that came to the Sip N' Snuggle received a souvenir Dannify wine tumbler, a container of feed for the animals, a charcuterie box, and wine samples. For all my events, I always provide some freebie that the guests can take home with them and use. This time, it was a wine and cheese pairing cheat sheet that they could use the next time they had an entertaining emergency.

At the event, guests chatted, sampled wine from Wildhorse Canyon Farms, and snacked on their perfectly-packaged charcuterie boxes. Rollin' In Dough had provided some delicious custom cookies for the event, as well as some pillowy-soft macarons. Even though it seemed like the hottest day of the year, when the baby goats and alpacas joined the party, everyone's discomfort turned to squeals and giggles.

Overall, the event was a big, sweaty success full of laughter, cuddles, and yumminess. Most guests agreed that feeding the animals, the charcuterie, and the wine was the best part of the event.


"I always have the best time at Dannify events and feel so lucky to have Danna who does the best at coordinating the events. "

- Sahara, repeat Dannify event guest

"A great time with amazing products and animals! "

- Isabelle, first-time Dannify event guest

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