Simple Joys

The caress of the sweet salty air on my skin while I walk on the beach. The grainy texture of the sand massaging my toes while I stride. The balmy breeze clinging to my skin as the ocean sings me lullabies. The complete contentment that overpowers my stressed body as I fall under the ocean's spell.

Deep soft pillows that cradle my sleepy head. Snuggly blankets to envelop me. As snow dances outside, I smile knowing I have no where I have to be. Coffee brewing excites my senses, while the sizzling mapleness of the bacon pulls me out of bed. The feeling of being wrapped in warmth while a landscape of white is being created. Spending the day in my pajamas nestled under blankets, by the fire, and doing whatever I want or nothing at all.

Perfectly sharp blade reflects energy as I slide it into the coarse onion, hearing a satisfying chop. Feeling the buttery smooth strokes of the knife as the onion dices into tiny perfect pieces. Butter sizzles in a hot skillet and the onion jump when tossed into the melty goo. Spicy aromatics coat the kitchen. Tender seasoned raw meat slaps the skillet with a sizzed and scent that makes me salivate. Garlic, butter, onion and juices merry around the succulent meat, creating a powerful temptation that the mouth gets to consume.

Steamy, thick air pulls me into the water. I can feel the salts melt, the bubbles surround me, and the bath oils coat me in silky smoothness. Rose and citrus candles burn. The red wine relaxes my muscles while coating my mouth in rich tannins. Soft music plays in the background while my body succumbs to the therapeutic soak.

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  • Natalie J Schmidt says:

    It was as if I was right there with you!

  • Paula Hamby says:

    I love those “Simple Joys!” Perfectly described!