¡REVOLUCIÓN! Taquiera & Cantina

Here we are, deep in summer, Central OK, and it's damn hot.  Who feels like making breakfast on a Sunday morning? NOT ME! I don't want my culinary adventures to make my house hotter than it already is. So, of course, that calls for brunch time with my favorite brunch ladies.  This month, we had ¡REVOLUCIÓN! turn the heat up on our Sunday festivities.

Revolucion Taquiera and Cantina is located on the southeast corner of NW 6th Street and Classen Blvd.  They are making that whole area down there funky fresh with some urban renewal stuff.  If you haven't made your way down there yet, you need to hop in the car and take a little trip.

Since our little brunch group has grown, we require eateries that will accept reservations for a large party.  Let me just say that making a reservation with the restaurant was painless and easy.  They have a tab on their website specifically for large party reservations or if you just want to say hi.  Use it! They promptly email you back! Not only that, but the manager actually came out and greeted our party when we started arriving!  There is some parking up front, and more in the back. There is also a lot across the street.


The restaurant is bright, cheery, and inviting.  They have a hip selection of tunes to jam out to while you are sipping on your alcoholic beverage of choice.  Today I chose the Palomimosa. This beautiful concoction is an upgrade to your standard mimosa. It is a beautiful blend of OJ, grapefruit, pineapple, Agaveles Blanco Tequila, and Sparkling wine. It did not disappoint. At. All.  I savored every sip happily. I also got a side of coffee and water so I didn't get too giddy before the meal.

They had some kind of addicting sweet and spicy popcorn on the table for us to nibble on while we waited on the rest of our group.  Bad idea, as I could have just filled up on that. It's like crack. You can't just have one kernel.  Light and fluffy with a punch in the taste buds that could leave you crying with delight. Like, it hurts, but you realize that you like it. It's kind of naughty.  I also ordered some Queso Fundido and House Salsa and Chips. Salsa is served warm, but it's packed full of developed flavors. The Queso Fundido is not a cheese dip. It is yummy melted cheese served in a hot skillet and a side of tortillas that you use as a vessel to sail into your mouth. When you order it, be sure to get one of the peppers. Its a sweet and spicy surprise.

Next came our meals. I ordered the Huevos Rancheros. I have never had it before, anywhere, so I had nothing to compare it to.  You can order it regular, or for $3 more you can add a protein. I got mine with Carne Asada. I didn't get a lot of conversation in with my friends at this point because I was too busy shoveling this heavenly goodness into my mouth. Tortillas topped with refried black beans, carne asada, cheese, and fried egg. I would have liked my yolk a little runnier, because I am messy like that, but it was still amazing. The potatoes served on the side were the perfect crispy/ soft combo and held up great as I mixed it with the gooey greatness of the huevos rancheros. I couldn't finish it all, sadly. I cried a little as the server took my plate. But there were Churros to make room for.

The ladies got some Tacos and Breakfast burritos. I ordered my husband a Carne Asada Quesadilla to go. I didn't try their plate of food porn, but I was dreaming about how good it tasted.

Overall, this was a very pleasant experience and I can't wait to bring some other newbies here to savor the tasty temptations that Revolucion has to offer.  They have some yummy salsa that they keep on the table. I loved the Verde and the Habanero. I like it hot. After we finished our brunch we all filled up more with the fresh-out-of-the-fryer Churros. I have never had a churro before, but how wrong can you go with a hot crispy-soft pastry sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar dipped in hot chocolate sauce?? I literally could have just eaten that with coffee and had and been satisfied. But now I have to do extra workouts to get rid of the poundage of pleasure I added to my diet today.  Here it is, 4 hours later and I am still full. This place is legit and you need to get down there and try it.

Have you been? What was your experience like? What was your favorite thing?

I hope this was helpful, inspiring, and made you really hungry. I am uncomfortably full.

Lots of love, and happy Brunching,


Happy Ladies