Revive and Refresh

This morning I had breakfast with one of my best friends.  The morning air was crisp with the promises that only fall can bring.  The sun was slowly awakening the sky, making it blush orange, rose, and blue. While the radio is on the fritz, it is calming to hear the light hum of the road beneath my tires.  Somehow, it is the perfect background tune to the natural serenade unfolding before me.  It's moments like these that make me feel rejuvenated and alive.

When was the last time you had that moment?  For some, it may have been too long. Work, family issues, social  life, school, etc can put those bricks of pressure on your back and weigh down your spirits.  "I didn't get that promotion," "I had a fight with my kid last night," "My partner is being cold to me," etc could be things going through your  mind.  I understand! We have all been there. But moments like I experienced this  morning can be just what you need to make it one more minute.  Some of these happen naturally, but a lot of the time, we need to do something to create it.

I challenge you to do something positive to revive and refresh your life...Open the windows!! Let that fresh air in!  Most of us have had the doors and windows shut all summer while it has been in the 90's and 100's, consuming that circulating dusty air.  When you open the windows and let that fresh air in, you allow new and fresh air invigorate your home...and your mood.  Next, clean something in your house.  Vacuum, sweep, make the bed, clean the bathroom, whatever or all of the above.  Not only will this make your house feel better, but YOU will feel better too! There is something about spring/ fall cleaning that is reviving and refreshing.  Like a clean slate. Everyone loves to start fresh.  Even though things may not be going perfect in other areas, you will feel better for accomplishing something. And positive thoughts lead to more positive things.

The best part about it--It's FREE!!!

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