If you want to know some of the things I absolutely love and use, then this is the page for you. These items and brands are ones that I have personally tried myself and absolutely love. I have put them all together in this spot so you can support the brands and businesses that I use.

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Life / Business-changing Tech Tools I can't live without:

The Blogger Bootcamp

Taking this course has been a total game-changer to me as a blogger. I have learned so many things I needed to change, enhance, or completely redo . As someone who has been blogging for a long time, I never knew what ALL I didn't know. This helped me completely revamp my blog and I am now able to run it as a business instead of a hobby. If you need to start a website or want to take a stab at your own blog, please do yourself a favor and take this self-paced LIFE-CHANGING bootcamp. Thank me later!

SiteGround Webhosting

If you are looking to start your own blog or website, I LOVE SiteGround! I am not a tech person, and they have made it so easy for me to transfer my website and start fresh. Customer service is some of the best I have ever dealt with! Their support site is great for non-techy people like myself and I love that I can pull them up in a chat and they will help me through things. I cannot recommend them enough!

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