Private Pasta-Making Class at Cosabella Kitchen

Making homemade pasta is a skill I have always wanted to add to my toolbelt.  Yes, I know there are a thousand videos on YouTube, Pinterest, and Tik Toc, but I require an instructor to teach me their magical ways in person.  When my local Junior League posted an event for this pasta-making class, I splurged and hopped on the opportunity.  Cosabella Kitchen is a private event center and kitchen that is tucked away in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma City.  It hosts cooking classes and private events for anyone looking to elevate their special time.  This night, our small group of six, learned how easy it is to make homemade pasta, feasted on our labor, all while making new friends and connections. 

Welcome to Cosabella Kitchen

Hot summer days in Oklahoma can leave one drained, but upon entering Cosabella Kitchen, I felt refreshed and energized. This classy-eclectic private space was colorful, fun and elevated. Our group was welcomed with a cocktail table decorated with a delicious charcuterie board. We had our own private bar tender to serve us wine and drinks.  I spied our work area already set up on the massive kitchen island. Our dining table was set and ready for our after-class feasting activities.  Anxiously, I introduced myself to the ladies I didn’t know. We exchanged funny stories while others caught up on missed moments.  The recipe for a delicious night was already simmering away.

Pasta-Making Class

Our instructor chefs armed us up with our aprons as we all pulled our hair back into hair ties. Wine glasses were abandoned and we were eager to learn.  Slowly, our instructor led us through our ingredients, paired us with partners, and quickly demonstrated making the dough.  I was stoked as I was getting to use a KitchenAid stand mixer with pasta attachments for the very first time ever! To me, this was as exciting as going to my first school dance. Mixing the egg with the flour and the water was therapeutic. Kneading the dough was a bit of a workout! Who knew that making pasta was also a strength-training exercise? After kneading our dough, we shaped them into balls, wrapped them in plastic, and settled them in the fridge to rise.

While our pasta dough was rising, our hosts divvied up Limoncello shots for our enjoyment.  The cool sour and sweet liqueur left us all feeling relaxed and giddy. It loosened us up for what was coming next: rolling out the pasta dough.  Excitedly, we unwrapped our risen dough and sprinkled the surface with semolina flour. After cutting our dough ball into 4 quarters, we rolled them out to tangible sheets. We used the KitchenAid mixer to flatten the dough more and cut the pasta. Once our pasta cut, the chefs threw it all in the hot water to cook.

The Dinner Experience

One thing is certain: pasta-making works up a vigorous appetite.  Once our pasta was simmering away, we refilled our wine glasses and sauntered off to our beautifully set table.  The first course of dinner was a beautiful Caprese Salad.  Thick tomato steaks topped with fresh mozzarella were generously drizzled with balsamic. We were all so famished, the excited scrapings of the knives added to the soothing music being played. Our plates were cleared away and a big bowl of pasta bolognaise was passed around for us to pile onto our plates. Generously topped with parmesan and seasonings, this meaty sauce smelled like heaven. Large, succulent chicken piccata pieces were next to be passed around and added to our family-style serving. The last pasta dish to go around was a creamy mushroom fettuccine alfredo. The aromas from the mushrooms and rich sauce made my mouth water and I was dreaming about my first bite.  Crusty warm bread was delivered to help scoop the dreamy saucy pastas onto our fork and soak up the bits left over.

Wine was sipped, food was savored, and stories were told. There were not any leftovers to take home as we wolfed all the food down.  Just when we didn’t think we could eat anything else, dessert magically appeared in front of us. A warm apple strudel with a sweet drizzle and a side of whipped cream. All I needed now, was a snuggle blanket and a pillow and I would be good to go for the night.

Final Thoughts

My adventure to Cosabella Kitchen was a guilty splurge that I deserved.  Not only did I conquer pasta, but I also devoured a delicious meal and made new friends.  They host a few different cooking experiences for a minimum of six people.  This experience is perfect for any group of friends, family, or even co-workers as it builds bonds, encourages and strengthens communications. It’s also a great break away from your typical events together.  I can’t wait to go back with another group of friends and have another delicious meal and host a private event.

Visit Cosabella Kitchen’s website and plan your own private cooking experience or event and let them know that Dannify sent you.

Have you been here? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, keep life zesty!


Cosabella Kitchen Pasta-Making Class group photo
Group Photo

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