Movie, TV, and Book Reviews

I love movies, TV, and books. When I watch / read something that makes an impact on me, positivie or negative, I want to share it with everyone.  For movies, I love watching movies that either don’t get a lot of attention, or are possibly from a book that I have read.  I love independent films and foreign films too.  So expect to see some of those gems on here as well.

TV shows I watch are pretty diverse.  I don’t have cable, so if I watch, it will be something on the main channels or something from Netflix!  Most shows will include spoiler alerts if I review them.

Books books books.  So wonderful, but so much time! I used to have a book club when I lived in Florida, and have read some great ones.  I will be asking for suggestions and feedback.  I will be reading a lot in the next month, so looking forward to sharing some great books with you.

If there is a movie, tv show, or book that you would like me to watch/read and review, please leave me a comment in the box below!!

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