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MMR Prime Steakhouse: Blackbird Wine Dinner

Recently, I had one of those "milestone" birthdays. Life has been a never-ending carousel lately and I haven't gotten to REALLY celebrate like I wanted. Dinner and drinks is an obvious solution to a birthday problem, but this year I... Continue Reading →

Date Yourself!

Its a beautiful morning. You don't have to clock into your 9-5. There are no children in the other room fighting over who stole who's legos or you took their pop tart. The deep, rich aroma of coffee is luring... Continue Reading →

Battered Knees

My friends and family know this about me:  I am not an athletic person. I am the girl who always got chosen last in gym class for teams.  I am the girl who lacks athletic coordination. I am definitely agile-challenged. I... Continue Reading →

Whirlwind Winery – Watonga, OK

Wine tasting is all the craze in Oklahoma at the moment. With the ever-evolving selection of wineries that keep popping up in the central plains, Oklahoma is getting on the map with delicious selections.  Stressed-out mom's and couples in need... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Sing Street (2016)

Rated PG-13, 1 Hour, 46 minutes. Dannify Rating:  5/5 Stars, yes. perfect score. Ok. Perfect score movie. I have to admit that this hasn't happened in a while. This movie deserves it though. That is what happens when... Continue Reading →

Iron Thistle Scottish Festival (April 2017)

For 10 years, The United Scottish Clans of Oklahoma have put on the biggest Scottish party in Central Oklahoma. Nestled at the Kirkpatrick Family Farm in Yukon, the Iron Thistle Scottish Festival is a family-friendly festival in which you can go be Scottish... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 “Go-To” Movies

Good day people! I felt I needed to write something as I haven't written in a while. So to tide you over until my next big post, I figured I would get the ball rolling with a Top 5 list. ... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Go-To Movies for Healthifying your life

Okay, so it's the first of the year. What does that usually mean? We SAY we will eat better. Some of us do. Some of us realize to eat healthy, that we actually have to make some sacrifices and lifestyle changes.... Continue Reading →

Choctaw Oktoberfest, 2016

Oktoberfest. When I hear that word, 3 things pop into mind:  German, Beer, and Food. My husband has some German family. I may have some as well...I would know if I made a point to dig deep into my genes.... Continue Reading →

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