Hello, my name is Danna and I am addicted to salsa. and tacos. But tacos are just an excuse to pile on salsa. I mean, if we are getting to know each other, and going to be blog pals, you need to know what a vital role salsa plays in my life. When I try new Mexican restaurants, I judge it solely on salsa. and margaritas. But mostly salsa.  Salsa to me is like chocolate is to normal people. I will literally create an excuse to eat salsa. It goes great on just about anything. I have been known to devour a jar of salsa and some chips for a meal, no problem.

Recently, I joined a local women's networking group and met a lovely lady who makes salsa. So already, I'm thinking the universe is smiling down on me. Audrey Stevens is the owner and salsa master at Hot Mama's Salsa.  She drops amazing salsa bombs on us at the meetings, and has wowed me with the flavors.  This week, I finally listened to my salsa vice and ordered a pint of the HOT and the FIRE.  She makes the salsa fresh at her house, AND she delivered it to me! Talk about customer service! Upon receipt, I rushed into the kitchen and immediately tore into a fresh bag of blue corn chips and popped open the beautiful jars of love.

The Hot was flavorful and crisp with a buildable, sneaky heat that left me a sniffly, but wanting more.   The Fire salsa punched me with a delightful zap.  Not only was it spicier, but it also had a smokier flavor. My taste buds were dancing with delight after my salsa encounter. Both salsas made my mouth tingle and my forehead sweat. And I wanted more!

I was so impressed by this new salsa fix that I had to find out a little more about the company.  So I asked Audrey a few questions:

How long have you been in business?

"6.5 years in business. Started as a fundraiser to help fund an emergency therapy for our son with autism. People loved it so much, I’ve had salsa orders consistently since."

Are your salsas created from a secret family recipe that you have improved or enhanced?

"My recipe is a family recipe that’s been improved, enhanced and modernized from generations of diverse cultures."

Do you personally deliver to just the OKC metro or all over? And do you ship to other cities/ states?

"I personally deliver in the OKC metro. We are in the process of a manufacturer contract and our overall goal is to be global. We ship nationwide."

Not only do I love the bold and unique flavors of the salsa, but I love that I'm supporting a local business and a family.  You can taste the love in Hot Mama's Salsa.  So, If you want to get your paws on some, visit the website at http://www.hotmamassalsaokc.com/. You can also find Hot Mama's Salsa on Facebook.  Tell her Danna sent you!

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