Gold Plated Cookbook Club, Featuring The Tucci Cookbook

How many times do you get the opportunity to try recipes from a cookbook prior to buying it? Recently, I was invited to a new cookbook club, hosted by Joanna Gold of Gold Plated Food Company. The game plan was Joanna would be making food from Stanley Tucci’s cookbook, The Tucci Cookbook, and Amy Urbach would be doing wine pairings with the food. First off, drop the name Stanley Tucci and I am there. But to have the opportunity to try food from a private chef, from the cookbook, while sipping on wine is my idea of a good time. This event would be small and intimate with education and the chance to win a copy of the cookbook! Without hesitation, I quickly purchased my tickets online and patiently awaited the date.

First Impressions

The Gold Plated Cookbook club hosted this magical event at The White House event center in Bethany, Oklahoma.  It was a cold, rainy night, packed full of stupid drivers and broken traffic signals. When I finally made it to my destination, I couldn’t help but realize how convenient the location was. After rushing through the front door, I was instantly soothed. Bright inviting colors, coupled with cozy couches and wine was just what I needed. Delicious smells were inviting me into the main area, while Joanna and Amy greeted me warmly.


As everyone else began trickling in, we got our beginner wine glass, a cozy spot to sit, and our pairing information. Joanna greeted us all, introduced her business Gold Plated Food Company, her passion for cooking, and why she started a cookbook club. Listening to her methodology for how she prepares meals for her clients, and all that she does reminded me a lot of how I like to cook and why I love doing it. Instantly, I felt like we could be friends.  Amy Urbach, whom I partnered with in my Wine and Appetizer for Beginners event, introduced herself, her husband, and told us all about her business Urbach WineShop. Amy explained how we would be navigating our wine pairing with the delicious vittles that Joanna made for us. To begin the night, we all did an opening toast with Paquet Cadeau California Semi-Seco Sparkling. It was smooth and bubbly and just what I needed to start the night off.

First Course

Marinated Olives from the Tucci Cookbook

The first course from The Tucci Cookbook was an appetizer of Marinated Olives. These olives were marinated with fresh herbs and olive oil. Give me all the olives. Ripe, tender, tart, buttery, like savory candy. We continued sipping on our Semi-Seco Sparkling with the olives since it cut the richness of the olives. This was a delightful tease to get my appetite in gear. It was torture not going up and getting a second helping of everything.

Second Course

Our second course of the evening was Mozzarella in Carrozza paired with WineShop at Home’s Table California White wine. This take on Mozzarella in Carrozza was like a grown-up Grilled cheese.  Thick slices of fresh mozzarella were nestled in between 2 pillowy pieces of baguette that were dipped in an egg batter. And baked.  The golden shine of the crusty bread was accented with the fresh drizzle of balsamic.  At this point, I was salivating at the scent of the fresh gooey mozzarella and the sweet punch of the balsamic.  When I bit into the sandwich, the sweet slap of the balsamic tamed the rich mozzarella. The buttery bread had the perfect crunch in the bite, but tender and soft on the chew. Paired with the Table White, this was as close as I was getting to heaven that night. 

mozzarella in Carrozza from The Tucci Cookbook

Third Course

Tomato Pesto spaghetti w/ Table California Red

Pesto is a sauce that some people think is complicated, but Joanna showed us how easy it is! Our third course was a fragrant homemade pesto made with ripe tomato and fresh herbs. Joanna coupled this pesto with a great quality al dente pasta. While she was showing us how easy it was to make a fresh pesto, she explained the proper way to make spaghetti. I had no idea that I was doing it wrong all this time! Once this aromatic pesto was served on a bed of delicious pasta swirls, Amy passed around the WineShop at Home’s Table California Red to pair with the dish.  The pesto was a power punch of herbs and fresh tomato that bonded perfectly with the pasta.  I swirled a sip of the red wine in my mouth which picked up extra flavor from the saucy bits. Slurps and sounds of contentment from the other guests were echoing throughout the room.

Final Course

The final course was a Oven-Roasted White fish with fresh herbs and seasonings. The huge meaty chunks of white fish cooked up quickly in the oven. Such a quick, easy, and elegant dish that can be made at home on a weeknight that is elevated even with a simple side.  There was leftover pesto sauce from the previous course so, I dabbled a bit on top of my portion.  Amy paired this dish with the WineShop at Home Table California Rosè.  The rosè complimented this fish because it was slightly dry but finished with a slight sweetness from the citrus.  The fish melted in my mouth like a tender piece of steak. I could have eaten like 4 more servings of this deliciousness!

Oven Roasted White Fish from The Tucci Cookbook

Closing the Night Down

After our four mouth-watering courses it was time to bring the event to an end.  Our bellies were full, we were relaxed from the wine, and anxious to see who would win the copy of The Tucci Cookbook.  Amy passed around some chocolates and filled our glasses with a bit more red wine while we waited on Joanna to pull the winning name from her entries.  Even though I didn’t win the cookbook, I won a great night with my boyfriend, Phong and some new friends. The cooking demo and wine pairing experience was educational, fun, and delicious. Getting to see the White House event space's many amenities was eye-opening as well, especially with it's incredible full kitchen and ample seating.

In closing, If you are looking for a great, new way to spend an evening with friends, a significant other, or yourself, check out Joanna Gold’s Cookbook club events held monthly.  This is a great event to expand your taste buds, try new wines with Amy Urbach, and learn new ways you can prepare food for your own events. Furthermore, it’s a great way to see how the White House event center could be your next event location for your own gathering! Having an event like this with your crew would be a great way to host without having to get your house ready.

I hope this shared experience gave you the inspiration you needed to add some spice to your events, friend time, or special time with your loved ones. Check out all of these locally owned businesses and plan your next event with them!

Until next time, keep life Zesty!


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