Foodie Fest OKC - October 2022

Foodie Fest, October 2022

When:  Saturday, October 8, 2022.

Where:  Scissortail Park, OKC

Every Saturday, Scissortail Park hosts a farmer’s market, with some terrific local businesses that tempt visitors with treats, meats, and awesomeness to buy.  This particular Saturday, there was an extra, special event called Foodie Fest.  Since 2021, Foodie Fest is an event put on by OKC Black Eats, LLC and has been bringing Culinarians of Color into the spotlight, providing a platform for them to bless us with their divine deliciousness.   Originally, I saw an ad on Instagram about this mouthwatering event and I knew it was going to be what my culinary adventure dreams were made of. Excitedly, I organized a meetup with a group of OKC newcomers and we were down to chow.

This special October Saturday was a crisp one. Oklahoma finally got the fall weather that every Pumpkin-Spice-sweater-loving person was dreaming of.  Warmed by fresh coffee, I was bundled up in my green velvet hoodie and cobalt blue yoga pants ready to heat the rest of my body with a brisk walk around Scissortail Park.  Since we found parking miraculously close, we had some time to kill before our meetup started.  My boyfriend Phong and I decided to do a little sneak-peak-a-boo of the vendors.  This is when we happened across our first vendor.

Yummus Hummus was located close to the big stage of Scissortail Park.  He keeps his tent simple. 3 flavors of hummus were available with some pretzels to sample.  I was beyond famished due to my fasting schedule, so when that first sample of the Original Garlic hit my mouth, I did everything in my power not to shout out a colorful yet excited word of pleasure. I have had my fair share of hummus and this simple Original Garlic was some of the best I have ever tasted. Hungrily, I wolfed down the Roasted Red Pepper and Serrano Avocado samples. So impressed with all 3, I bought them all.  Snacks for me. I win. One thing I absolutely love about this hummus is that there are no unhealthy seed oils or added crap. Simple, natural ingredients that exude the passion he puts into making his hummus.

Moving along, we sampled some BBQ sauce and salivated at the ribs and turkey legs they had roasting in eyesight. About that time was when the rest of our group was to meet up. I showed them treasures we had found thus far. Kettle Popstars kettle corn was taunting us with their sweet-smelling kettle corn, so naturally we took a free sample.  Light, crisp kettle corn that burst in your mouth with that sweet and salty crunch was enough to make me want to stay and eat a whole bag.  Instead, I bought a bag of the jalapeño cheddar popcorn, which did not disappoint. Spicy and rich, this popcorn is the perfect late night Netflix snack.

The tornado sirens went off, signaling it was noon and it was time for serious business. We finally made our way out of the Farmer’s Market section and on to the real stuff. It was mouthgasm time. Our group had various cravings, so we all agreed to split up and hunt for the different goods, then meet up to do the eats. First food truck we scoured was called Oak of all Kind. The first thing on the menu was the Blueberry BBQ Chicken Wings. Phong was really excited about those, so that’s what we got to share. These wings were piping hot with a sweet and tangy sauce dripping off the meat. Now was no time to look cute and pretty. I grabbed a saucy drum and bit into the juicy meat. Tender, savory dark meat fell apart in my mouth, sauce running down my face and fingers as I ensured none of it fell on my lap. Immediately, the bold blueberry punched my taste buds followed by the soothing saltiness of the meat and bbq spice. The chicken was perfect with the light grill crisp around the edge, yet juicy and succulent to chew. It was like butter. While I resembled a starving beast on the plains devouring it’s first kill, I did manage to share the wings with others in our group. My hands were sticky with heavenly sauce and Phong made sure my hands grasped the right amount of napkins. I turned my head to the right to see a dog licking its lips at my face…I realized I had not tended to my blueberry sauce caked lips. That was remedied quickly before the friendly pup decided to snack on my face.

Blueberry BBQ Wings from Oak of all Kind

The lines were starting to grow by the time we wolfed down the wings. Others were congregated at tables eating BBQ sandwiches and tacos.  I went on the hunt for something I had never tried before—African Food! I smelled the aromas coming from the Taste of Africa food truck and knew it was going to be my next spot. While I was waiting in line, one of our groupees came up with loaded tots from Psycho Taco truck. Loaded with meats and corn, peppers, onions, sauces, etc. I took a couple of bites as Phong shared the rest with her.  Meanwhile, I was trying to decide on what unique food I was going to sample at this truck. Although I wanted a meal, I also wanted to have room for other cuisines.  I got the samosas and the plantains. Great to share and I would have room for other goodies. The Samosas were light, crisp, and piping hot from the fryer. The plantains were happy and golden, begging to be eaten.  We gathered around a table and started sampling.  The Samosas were crisp little overstuffed meat pillows of heaven waiting to be torn apart and consumed. I did not hesitate to stuff one in my mouth. The piping hot meat tamed my tongue with its savory seasonings, soothing my palette with its flaky, crisp pastry shell. I ordered 2, but I needed 10. I followed my bite with a sampling of the plantains. Slightly sweet and tender, the plantains provided the balance I craved.

Already, I was getting fuller faster than I had wanted. There was still so many other places to sample, but my stomach could not do that AND dessert. Phong had his eye on an Oreo Cookie Tres Leches cake from Sweets by Karen.  This cake was huge so I knew I was going to need to eat half of it. I am not normally big on tres leches cake, but this was everything I didn’t know it could be. Normally, I find it watery and soggy and the texture grosses me out. I know, I know…it’s a shame. But this Oreo Cookie Tres Leches cake was nothing like what I had sampled in the past. The moisture content was just right, leaving the cake moist and soft, dissolving in my mouth under that luscious whipped cream topping.  Obviously none of this food was on my nutrition plan, but I had hoped my step-count from walking would make up for the indulgences I swallowed that day.  

Oreo Tres Leches Cake by

Our bellies were full and I could feel a food coma nap coming on. We gathered up our group, took a pic, and said our goodbyes. Before we left the event though, we stopped at a couple of more vendor booths.  Lucy Snax had some crunchy snack mix. I am a sucker for snacks. I sampled a spicy party mix, but it was already sold out.  I “settled” for the Praline mix. Even though I was full, I ripped open that bag as soon as I got home to enjoy my treasure find. We also stopped by Love on a Plate.  She does meal planning and food prep.  As a busy professional, having a healthy meal prepared by a local business is always the better option than Whataburger.  After looking at her menu on Facebook, I will definitely be ordering some meals soon.

This event was such a great hit. There were so many people there. Every vendor and food truck had long lines. How could you not have an epic time sampling international cuisine in the sunshine, while the DJ played the jams in between the OU game?  This is definitely my idea of a good time. Next year, I am bringing my camping chairs and sitting on the lawn. I am going to stay for the whole event. Eat, rest, drink, eat more, rest, and eat again. I need to try the other places I missed!

Did you go? Did you love it too? I want to know what your favorite food was and who it was! Feel free to leave a comment below and share with the rest of the community. Also, you can still visit the Foodie Fest website and see a list of the vendors. Please continue to support local businesses and tell everyone when you find that special place.

Until next time, keep life zesty!


Our little meetup group for Foodie Fest!

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