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Thursday nights are for warming up for the weekend. Seasoned professionals know that food, drink, and physical activity are the essential building blocks for success. Chicken N' Pickle tickles all your weekend pre-gaming needs.

Last week I hosted an event at this new place here in OKC called Chicken N' Pickle. I had heard a few of my friends talking about what a rad place this was, so I naturally needed to make sure they weren't overhyping it. So a few things you should know about me:

  • Being a co-organizer for a social group here in OKC, I am always looking for new fun
  • Currently doing a more restrictive version of Keto, thus limiting my food choices
  • Very rarely do I trust people's opinions, as not everyone has the same definition of fun

Chicken N' Pickle is in a newly developed area of South Edmond / North OKC. If I were a betting woman, I think this area will be the next Chisolm Creek business development, filled with shops and restaurants. For a Thursday night, this place was packed. I lucked out and stole a parking spot from a pouty tween who must have had to pay for her own meal. I had expected something a bit intimidating with pickleballs jetting toward my face as drunk guys shoved greasy wings in their mouths, dripping blue cheese on their shirts.

What I found was actually quite different! The aroma of succulent, roasting meats lured me past the gate, leaving me salivating with curiosity. The open-play area allowed the cool breeze to steer me past the pickleball courts, "lawn", and outdoor seating areas. Inside were cozy seating areas around bars, intimate nooks for socializing, and gaming tables! Lets not forget about the food.

Despite the crowded parking situation, my group found a great spot in the back of the restaurant, close to the ping pong tables. The lime-green couches cradled our famished bodies. I was ravenous by the time we ordered. Since my current dietary restrictions are limiting, I ordered the 1/4 Chicken with a side of Rainbow Slaw. The chicken was everything your dreams are made of: perfectly seasoned ,served with a grilled orange, pepper, avocado, and tortilla on the side. I wasn't able to eat the avocado or the tortilla, but it looked amazing. The Rainbow slaw was crisp, slick, and savory. No one likes dry slaw. My keto-friendly meal was so satisfying, it almost felt wrong. If I hadn't been refraining from drinking, I would have tried one of their quenching pickle beers.

Even though I was full, coveting my friend's dinner was unavoidable. She got the NKC Chicken Sandwich. Tender and crispy chicken overflowed out of a giant, glossy bun, begging to be bitten. She seemed to love the sandwich. Apparently it has a kick to it. Internally, I vowed to return and ravage that sandwich like the meat-eater I am.

As we licked the last bit of sauce off our fingers, others decided it was time to partake in a spirited game of ping pong. When I say "spirited," I mean we danced. How can you not when they turn the lights down and start playing old school Salt n' Peppa and Sisqo. Its a crime if you don't bust out those moves. We had calories to burn and time to kill. Our Pickleball reservation was for 9:30 so we were just warming up.

Pickleball was surprisingly quite enjoyable. For those of you who know me personally, you could agree that me and any kind of sports go together like a milk and ketchup. gross. I decided to take a chance, grab a paddle, and hit some balls. Pretty scary at first, but eventually, it started to get easier. I even added some of my funky-fresh dance moves with my paddle. Normal people were probably scared away by my rocking skills, but not everyone appreciates hard-core talent. How many people do you know that can work it to the Backstreet Boys and gracefully miss a ball hit to them? Despite my lack of pickleball skills, we all laughed and made some great memories.

If you are looking for a great way to unwind, try something new, or embarrass the people you are with, I highly recommend giving this place a try. Chicken N' Pickle is a great spot for first dates, group gatherings, work team-building events, or escaping the blind date you set up on bumble. Check out their events and plan your next local adventure!

Have you been here? What did you eat? Did you play pickleball? Please comment and tell me all about it!

Until next time...


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