Battered Knees

My friends and family know this about me:  I am not an athletic person. I am the girl who always got chosen last in gym class for teams.  I am the girl who lacks athletic coordination. I am definitely agile-challenged. I am also in the last year of my 30's.  See where I am going with this?

Last year, a good friend of mine challenged me to join a sand volleyball team through a work league.  "It's for fun," he said. "I haven't played sand volleyball either."  Cool! I thought, I won't be the only person with no experience. Maybe I won't be the only one who sucks.  Little did I know, this person had experience playing INDOOR volleyball. So here I am, roped into this sport, which I just know I will suck at.  I practiced with him and a couple others at lunch, learning how to "volleyball." My arms looked like I had been auditioning for a spot in the local Fight Club. People were yanking me aside, asking if everything was okay and who they needed beat up. To make practices and games even more hilarious, the count-down was on to when the ball collided with my face. Every. Time.  Very tragic. But, I am painting a vivid picture for you.

Fast forward, I'm actually not too terrible now! I won't be in any televised competitions, but people don't point and laugh. That one step outside my comfort zone opened up a whole new world of Danna.  I actually loved it so much, I ended up being captain of the fall team.  It also led to me joining a bowling league (I am not that great at either). And now, I am captain of a kickball team, with plans to form spring and summer sand volleyball leagues.

If you think I am a rock-star athlete now, you are sadly mistaken.  Still trip over my feet, still flirting with disaster, still working on my skills, still getting punched in the face with the ball (not the bowling ball of course). This wild adventure into the extreme discomfort zone has given me battered knees, but elevated confidence. Not only that, but I have also united teammates that are also on that same expedition with me.  People who lack experience, but yearn for more in their free time than folding laundry and playing video games.

This experience has me hungry for new adventures outside my comfort zone.  With that, I'll still get battered knees and probably some hits to the face from life.  Going outside your comfort zone may not keep you cozy, but you only have one life. Why not make the most of it and try things that push you to your biggest potential?  In the end, you will have volumes of epicness to share with your friends, family, kids, grandkids, and pets.

What have you done in the last year that has been uncomfortable, but ended in good results? Let me know!


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