One sunny Sunday a year ago, I awoke from a deep slumber, ravenous and yearning for my favorite meal of the day: Brunch.  Nothing will get me out of bed in a happier mood than the promise of hot coffee, sizzling bacon, and brunch food.  I realized that it wasn't going to happen that day as I didn't have anyone to go feast with. I am not one of those people who can't dine alone, but it's so much sweeter when you have great company.  My husband never seems to peppy on the idea of going out to brunch, so I decided to start a brunch group.  I reached out to some of my friends on social media to see who would be interested in once-a-month brunch feasts.  Thus our Brunch Bunch was created.  What started off as 4 people has grown into 10-15 each month! This tab is dedicated to the adventures of us plowing through some of Central OKC's best, local eateries!