Recently, I had one of those “milestone” birthdays. Life has been a never-ending carousel lately and I haven’t gotten to REALLY celebrate like I wanted. Dinner and drinks is an obvious solution to a birthday problem, but this year I wanted to kick it up a notch. So when I got wind that MMR Prime Steakhouse was hosting a Blackbird Vineyards Wine Dinner, naturally I knew I had to go.  I called up 3 of my wine-loving friends and made a reservation. Just like that.

Normally when I take myself to dinner, fine dining isn’t an option that I choose.  Mostly because a lot of my friends have other ways they want to spend their money.  But when I saw the pairing menu on their Instagram page, I could have been mistaken for one of Pavlov’s dogs.

When MMR Prime Steakhouse does an event, they do it right. From the moment I was seated at our table, I felt like a very important guest. A reservation card with my name was placed in the middle of the table. The lighting was soft and comforting, spilling a complimenting glow on my better features. A wine list and cocktail menu was promptly provided by our gracious server.  I ordered a Thunder Drop. They are not all smoke and mirrors with their drinks. They deliver a delightful punch! It inspired my friends to order cocktails as well, and we were feeling the kick of the libations before the first course started!

Once everyone was seated for the event, the wine came out.  Feeling the need to make this an educational moment, I dropped some life-changing info for my friends on how to properly taste their wine alone and with food. They can take that info with them when they travel to Italy or the next time they are trying to impress the ladies.

Butter Poached Lobster Tail; Roasted Apple Puree

First course was Butter Poached Lobster Tail with Roasted Apple Puree, paired with a 2016 Blackbird “Dissonance” Sauvignon Blanc.  It’s been a while since I have sank my teeth into lobster.  So when I took my first bite, I was instantly transported to another level of pleasure I have never known. Buttery, velvety, rich, yet light, this lobster was all kinds of luscious. I cut it up into tiny bites so i could savor each tantalizing piece with a sip of the crisp white wine. Pure heaven. By the reaction of my dinner guests, they were on cloud nine as well.


Boneless Rack of Lamb, Charcoal & Wood Grilled, & spice rubbed with Chive – Basil Pesto, Beurre Rouge

Second Course was probably the one that left most of us speechless.  Boneless Rack of Lamb, Charcoal & Wood Grilled, and spice rubbed with Chive – Basil Pesto, Beurre Rouge. What the what? For those of you who don’t watch a lot of food tv, let me translate it for you:  Lamb with some pesto and awesome sauce to dip it in. If we hadn’t been in a civilized setting, I may  have licked the plate. I think all my friends would have as well. The first succulent bite melted on our tongue, sending us into momentarily emotional chaos.  How can you get the feels off of a piece of meat?  We all needed a moment to collect ourselves. This mouthgasmic course was paired with the 2013 Blackbird “Arise”, which is a red blend. This was also the group favorite wine. I may have ordered a bottle to savor at a later date…an excuse to hold a dinner party.

Duck Breast w/ Red Pepper Coulis, Warm Corn Relish, & Red Wine Pickled Onions

Third course served was a tender Duck Breast with Red Pepper Coulis, warm corn relish, and red wine pickled onions. It was paired with another red blend, the 2014 Blackbird “Paramour.”  This is the first time I had ever savored duck as the focal point.  It did not disappoint. Tender and delicious. The corn added a hint of sweetness and the red pepper coulis a bit of flair. As you can tell by my picture, I got a little too excited and began eating and was a little late in composing my picture.



Sous Vide Beef Tenderloin with Bean Sassoulet, Bacon, Guajillo Chile; Veal Demi.

Fourth Course was Sous Vide Beef Tenderloin with Bean Cassoulet with Bacon, Guajillo Chile and Veal Demi.  It was paired with the 2013 Blackbird “Illustration.” Translation: Mouth-watering Tenderloin with tender, smokey chunks of bacon, beans, and a tasty Veal sauce. I am really picky when it comes to my steak, which is why I rarely order one when dining out.  This tenderloin melted so nicely and was cooked to my favorite temp.  This is how steak should be served. One shouldn’t have to feel like they burned a whole day’s worth of calories when chewing my steak.  My steak dreams came true with every flavorful bite. To eat this dish properly, I got every component into one bite. Once the steak melted in your mouth, the smokiness of the bacon came up and did a final dance on your taste receptors. I mean, come on. Succulent steak with a smokey tender bacon. What more could a meat lover desire?

Apple Short Bread w/ Creme Anglaise

Final course of the night was the dessert! Apple Short Bread with a Crème Anglaise.  The warm, buttery shortbread topped with a sweet apple compote was the perfect compliment to the 2017 Blackbird “Arriviste” Rosé. The apple shortbread was rich, yet not too sweet, while the crème anglaise gave me that custardy component I desire when having apple desert. It was the perfect flavor component to finish the savory meal.

While we were enjoying the last drops of wine and our desert, the Executive Chef / Operator, Chef Jonas Favela, came around to all the tables to thank us for joining him and his crew for the special event.  Truly one of the best experiences I have had dining out in a long time. From checking in at the reservations desk to the outstanding service of our servers and meeting the management and the chef. Even though I didn’t get my trip to Mexico, this was definitely an epic substitute for a birthday gift to myself.  I will definitely be joining them for another tasting event.

MMR Prime Steakhouse is located at NW 63rd and May in OKC.  You can dine any time from their regular menu.  They have ample space for private events and large parties. They also frequently do tasting events like the one I just went to.  Visit their website and scroll to the bottom of the home page to see upcoming events.

Friends and I after dinner

Have you dined at MMR Prime Steakhouse?  What was your experience like? Let me know!